My alarm went on, but my eyes were already open. They didn’t exactly close tonight. Not in a bad way, of course. Excitement was all over me. I got up, and wearing just a big shirt as a pajama, I went down the stairs to eat breakfast. My mom barely looked at me and was already crying. “Chill. A year is not that long.” I said, trying to hide my tight heart. She smiled and said she knew it was the best for me. Breakfast was already there when I sat. Waffles. There’s no better way to begin my journey.

While I was eating I got a slap on the back of my head. “Hey Tyler.” I said to my older brother and ate the last piece of my waffle. He hugged me and no words were said. I went to my room and dressed up.

My dad showed up at my door. Perfect timing. I hugged him really hard, and asked for help to bring my baggage downstairs. I took a good look at my room, grabbed my phone that was on my desk, and left. My mom helped me double-checking everything. Trevor came up to me and hugged my legs until I bent down so we could actually hug. “I will miss you baby” I told him. My little brother didn’t let me go, and after a few minutes he went upstairs running. I was ready to go.  -Are you sure you don’t want us to take you to the airport? -my dad asked for like the 10th time that week. -Yes daddy.  We went for a for a family hug. My mother, father, brother and me. I grabbed my stuff, and took a long breath.  -I will miss y’all.-I said trying not to cry. I really don’t like goodbyes, so I just smiled for a last time, and closed the door. I was about 5 ft from my door, leaving, when Trevor opened the door and ran up to me. “Wait, I want you to have this” he said while giving me his toilet paper made dog. I laughed and hugged him for a last time. “Here we go”, I said to myself, while walking to the cab and not looking back. I put my earphones on. Classic went on, and then, I was feeling it. The anxiety of what that year would be like. Now that high school is finished, I’m starting to create my own path. I spent some minutes thinking about everything, and a sad song came on. And it started raining. How cliché.


most adorable person on this planet

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who do you ship with aria?

i really like jake so..

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Hey! I added many costumes/objects to my PLL family that are super fun! Please check it out and join :)


Re: Keegan’s keek (x)

keeoone: And @sleepinthegardn is a pro snake whisperer.

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